Vested Interest

The minute the temperature drops below 70 degrees, I begin blaming Mike for leaving Los Angeles full time. His only saving grace is my appreciation for warm weather clothing. This vegan (yes, as in not leather) puffy vest is so chic in chocolate brown. I’d wear it buttoned up and snug with a pair of jeans and open over a sweater with a flowey fall skirt and boots. Topping off both with hoops and piles of gold jewels, of course. Not surprisingly, they are selling out fast, so you’ll find two links below. xoxo

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I spent way too much time trying to choose just one La DoubleJ tabletop item to share today…I’m a bit obsessed with them all. I love to set a beautiful table, particularly a luxe and mismatched one full of pattern and fun. What could be better than sharing a meal with people you love? Giving that space a little life encourages everyone to linger a little longer. While patterns range from wild to whimsical, just like the La DoubleJ clothing that I covet, these pretty napkins will fit with anyone’s stylish spread. The perfect gift for the hostess who has everything.

And because I really couldn’t pick just one piece, scroll down for bon bon dishes and the fabulous blue dress to welcome guests in, which I received many insta-inquiries about when I wore it a few Fridays ago. (It’s now on sale. You’re welcome). xoxo

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Casual Chic

I’m always on the hunt for casual pants with a little edge to take me from the ball field on the weekends to those work days where I’m less designer and writer and more profession shlepper. It’s essential that they can transition to every season, be styled in infinite ways and they must be classic enough to last for years (decades) to come. This camouflage pair perfectly fits the bill — camo is a neutral, but the rich tones really up the ante. The cinched ankle means I can throw on a t-shirt and birkenstocks or add a cashmere turtle neck and Chanel flats, depending on where I’m headed. It’s an investment for a basic piece, for sure, but they will be well worth the wear.

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Between managing the academic, social and athletic schedules of two eight-year-olds, caring for a 3 1/2 month old, writing (in what I hope are at least complete sentences) and running a creative business, my anxiety seems to have risen to palpable levels. I have been trying to find ways to settle myself, but my meditative morning beach walks with Lola can’t last all day. When I covered beauty back in my magazine editor days, I became a huge believer in aromatherapy (and I’m a hard sell). Eucalyptus wafting through the air is not a heavily poured glass of wine, but the right subtle scent can be unexpectedly soothing. I’m crazy about these oil diffusers so, in full disclosure, today’s item is really a personal reminder to turn mine on and calm the f down.

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Skirt the Issue

I have been wearing the same tie-dyed t-shirt since I was a little kid at sleepaway camp. It still has the original nametape that my mom sewed in 1988. I wore it to high school with my 8-eye Doc Maartens and also when I dressed up as a hippie (with the chicest tapestried bell bottoms!) for Halloween. I brought it back to camp when I was a counselor in the late ‘90s and my kids can attest that I still wear it today, despite its many, many holes.

So, needless to say, I love the way this tie-dye skirt was elevated in romantic tones and pin pleats. Personally, I’d wear it with a leather jacket come fall and a sweater and sleek booties when winter approaches. But I think you can easily get away with a crisp tee and white Birkenstocks now if you are one of those that likes to stay on theme.

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Top Hat

Whenever I travel, I carefully pack my hats in my rolling carry on, stuffing them with underwear and surrounding them with nothing else, in an attempt to keep their shape and save my investment. I’m insane for these packable straw hats — roll them up in your suitcase and unravel them in perfect condition wherever you land. Oh, and they are beyond chic and also flattering as can be.

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Essential Top

I love a classic top with structure. A versatile, but tailored shape gives a wardrobe staple interest. This one, available in black and white, is even chicer on (click through and you can see how its styled). I’ll be wearing it day to night with a flowey skirt and GC gold links come summer and under a blazer with crisp, wide-legged pants and piles of GC chains and bracelets until the brisk weather turns.

BeautyCounter Sunscreen

Thanks to their Godmother and all around favorite person, my two boys are only willing to use Beautycounter products. And that's great by me. While I have not 100% transitioned to clean, chemical free products for myself (although I have happily been able to replace a very, VERY long list thanks to Beautycounter and the pleas of my dear friend), I have been insistent that my children only use non-toxic and safe products on their precious bodies. 

As a momma concerned about protecting my six-year-old boys' skin while they are outdoors playing sports, swimming or traveling, it has always been a relief that I never have to argue about applying lotion. The sun stick is not only safe and protective, it's easy to use and argument free! They each keep a sun stick in their camp bags and know how to easily apply it to their faces themselves, so I never have to worry when they are running around in the sun all day without me. And because the cream isn't sticky, they allow me to quickly lather their bodies up each morning or when we are hanging by the pool. We keep the sticks everywhere -- our travel bags, the pool house for guests and in my bag for sports.  I do not rave about beauty products often -- you know I'm a shoe, home and jewelry gal -- but Beautycounter sunsticks have been a total game changer for my family and I find myself constantly sending out the link to fellow parents. 

The boys have been asking for a spray sunscreen (I'm pretty sure they are quietly working in product development at this point!) and they know I will never allow them or the environment to breathe in aerosol. When I got the text from their fairy Godmother that Beautycounter was launching a safe, non-toxic, non-aerosol mist (Countersun Mist) I quickly placed Sweetlips and The Bean's order. 

So in honor of Sweetlips & The Bean and their fabulous godmother who cares deeply about our health and beauty with a purpose, I am thrilled to partner with Beautycounter to share our favorite products, starting with Countersun

SHOP: Countersun Stick, Countersun Mists, Countersun Lotion