Skirt the Issue

I have been wearing the same tie-dyed t-shirt since I was a little kid at sleepaway camp. It still has the original nametape that my mom sewed in 1988. I wore it to high school with my 8-eye Doc Maartens and also when I dressed up as a hippie (with the chicest tapestried bell bottoms!) for Halloween. I brought it back to camp when I was a counselor in the late ‘90s and my kids can attest that I still wear it today, despite its many, many holes.

So, needless to say, I love the way this tie-dye skirt was elevated in romantic tones and pin pleats. Personally, I’d wear it with a leather jacket come fall and a sweater and sleek booties when winter approaches. But I think you can easily get away with a crisp tee and white Birkenstocks now if you are one of those that likes to stay on theme.

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Mike insists that I become hostile at the first cool breeze in October and that by winter I'm an absolute monster, my mood worsening with each degree the temperature drops. He eagerly awaits the first stretch of warm days in late spring/early summer because I "become a different person," one that is apparently pleasant - i.e. not angry and accusatory at the weather. But hey, I'm not the one that thought we should move our home base back east from L.A. Just sayin'! Ahem. 

Outside of warm weather vacation plans on the calendar, happy deliveries neatly packaged with wardrobe offerings of the season - sleek boots, chic wool coats, sophisticated velvets and pretty sweaters -  give my husband hope that I will be willing to leave the house and brave the elements. 

So, I'm excited to once again partner with to share my fall weather picks, as my online shopping bag there has been quite full these days. From casual weekend wear to luxe evening looks, I've selected my absolute favorites - scroll down and happy shopping!

Dedicated Chic X 

Matches ships DHL (Free Delivery and Free Returns) and any returns may be organized by requesting a DHL pickup or by dropping it off at a UPS location that accepts DHL shipments as well. I'm a bit enamored with their luxe boxes and packaging which I reuse in my closet to organize trinkets.

*Be sure that you are linked to United States and $USD to see correct pricing if you are shopping from the US.

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